Onus former handheld massager, very happy with product works well on my back. Like that it comes with other attachment and the handle extends. Disappointingly feeble, annoyingly loud heavy. I bought this massager to replace my homedics handheld massager which i used almost on a daily basis for many years, due to my various excruciating back, neck and shoulder pain. I eventually had to retire my homedics massager because the dual pulsating heads stopped pulsating. During my extensive research for another handheld massager, i immediately purchased this similar massager basing my decision on Black Friday's amazing deal and especially after I read many of the superb reviews shared by customers who bought this exact product. Sadly, i fail to agree with the customers who favour this product. Since my homedics massager broke, i haven't been able to find a comparable massager who will provide me with the same relief and intensity as my homedics massager, due to its dual pulsating heads.

personal body massager handheld and down freely. Returned the unit without issue but none in stock now. They want an additional 18 dollars to ship it when they don't have it in stock.

What's in the box, warranty parts 1 year(s) loading you should buy it, i bought this ObusForme handheld Body massager Dec 8/17, in-spite of the reviews saying it is too heavy and loud. I never tried one of these before, but this works great. Its not too heavy or loud. If it were lighter, it would mean a weaker motor. You can adjust the speed overgangsklachten of the vibration for your preferences. The curved handle design allows it to press against your back nicely when you are reaching over your shoulder with. I do a lot of exercising and get sore shoulder and back muscles, this feels great on also feels good on my sore hips and lower back for my sciatica. I keep it in the kitchen and use it twice a day when i am in there. Best purchase i have made in a long time. Way to heavy an very loud not what i expected. ObusForme body massager, awesome massager.

personal body massager handheld

Paloqueth Handheld Wand Body massager

Email a friend currentSlideIndex 'bby. Pdp.of' translate totalSlidecount, overview, give your aching muscles some much-needed relief with the ObusForme Professional body massager. Equipped with dual pulsating heads, this hand-held device olie massages at up to 3,000 pulses per minute. Three massage head attachments and variable speed control let you customize your massage, and a neoprene-covered handle offers a comfortable grip. More Information, what's in the box? Power Cord, velcro cord Wrap Strap, ac adapter. Instruction booklet, manufacturer's Warranty: Parts - 1 year(s type. Dual Pulsating head Massager, colour, silver, dimension.

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Usability, along with 4 special attachments, wahl allows you to customize a massage by means of a variable speed controller, which adjusts a massage intensity from soft and relaxing to deep and intense. A high-power motor, capable of producing 3350 pulses per minute, is excellent to achieve the desired intensity and effect. An 8-foot cord provides additional comfort and distinguishes this model from other personal body massagers on our shortlist. The weight of this device is 3 pounds. Mind it when you choose your handheld body massager as you will have to hold it in one hand during the whole massage procedure. Additional Info manufacturer video wahl deep Tissue message by reviewerbaba homedics hhp-350 Firm or Gentle massage? Choose the one you like! Percussion massage is commonly considered to be one of the most efficient techniques used to knead almost all body parts, taking off overall tension and discomfort.

personal body massager handheld

This model comes chubby with 4 interchangeable massage heads. A raised bump attachment covers large areas for efficient relaxation of your muscles. Four-finger flex attachment imitates a hand of a massage therapist. A unique acupoint head helps stimulate certain acupressure points on your body, relieving pain in your shoulders, neck, and back. And the deep muscles head is used for delicate body areas. So, take a comfortable position, select the attachment you need and get to massaging!

Owing to the design, this electric body massager is perfect for both gentle and deep massage of your neck, lower / upper back, hands, and legs. However, it may be a bit difficult to reach out lenzen for the area between the blade bones and you may need some assistance. Anyway, this therapeutic device will help you reduce muscle rigidity, improve blood flow, relieve a feeling of tiredness, and fully relax. Additionally, the Acupoint attachment head will give you an opportunity to enjoy acupressure and break up the knots by a deep tissue effect. This high-quality handheld body massager may become a worthy alternative or even a compliment to any other types of physical therapy.

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Whether you need gentler or stronger vibration, it can be adjusted within the range from 20 to 40 hz to perform what you need. Add to that two interchangeable massage heads that can be used for softer and harder massage sessions and you'll understand why it's so much favored by customers all over the world. No kick back, a lot of consumers who've ever used a handheld massager faced an unpleasant experience when the device at some stage simply kicked back at high settings. This isn't going to happen if you use the Thumper Sport. Based on the proven Thumper drive system, the massager performs smoothly, sending only slight vibrations without a real kickback.

Even if you put more pressure on it, it wouldn't hurt, for the device has proved to maintain the set speed only. You will be able to use it for a prolonged period of time without having a hand fatigue too. Another thing you may want to purchase to prevent discomfort feeling and back pains is a good sleeping mattress. In this concern, memory foam mattresses are hard to beat. Sleep better, with your spine being properly aligned, on one of the models we've picked for you. Wahl deep Tissue percussion, type, wahl handheld massager belongs to a percussion or thumping type of massagers that increase blood circulation and provide fast relief to your muscles. Its sleek ergonomic handle allows you to enjoy a massage and individually adjusts the pressure intensity for your maximum comfort.

Homedics Hhp-350h, percussion Pro

To bring the Pure-wave around, you could use one of the gym bags we've reviewed in our other article. Thumper E501 na sport, for Athletes and All Active lifestyle followers. As its name suggests, Thumper E501 na sport Percussive massager has been designed for all active individuals living a healthy lifestyle and taking care of their physical condition. The distinguishing thing about this massager is that it opleiding can send vibrations and heat deep into the tissues, thanks to the patented Thumper percussive technology used, which makes it one of the best solutions as of today to use before and after workouts. Using it on a regular basis can help reduce the risks of joints injuries and improve your performance on the whole. It can be used for relaxing stiff muscles after cycling, jogging, speed walking or playing football, golf, basketball as well, bringing your body maximum relaxation and comfort. . Whether you are an amateur sportsman or professional athlete, thumper percussive massager will come useful and let you warm your body up before training and relax it afterwards. Even if you aren't into sports, you will still enjoy the benefits of the Thumper E501 na, considering that it can also be used to improve blood circulation, relax feet, legs, neck area and brush off fatigue. Adjustable Intensity, though it looks pretty simple, the Thumper Sport massager boasts adjustable massage intensity controls, making it a universal option for a greater variety of customers.

personal body massager handheld

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Body massage oil stick is used together with body creams and essential oils to enhance massage effect and soothe your skin. Facial massage stick is what sets this massager apart from many other models. Its the only attachment that can be used for both percussion and vibration massage owing to the adjustable strokes intensity. Considering versatility and robustness it offers, the pure-wave can become a great option for both professional and domestic use. Cordless Massage for Maximum Comfort, powered by a built-in lithium-ion battery this massager allows white convenient cordless use on all areas of your body. Without being bound to the mains, you can use it just anywhere, in your bathroom, in front of tv, etc, for up to 180 minutes before the device requires recharging. That's long, isn't it? Any normal massage session shouldn't last longer than 20 minutes, which means, if you stick with the same rule, it will easily last for a week (unless you share it with other family members regularly). For convenient storage of all accessories and massage heads, the Pure-wave comes packed with a special stand.

Give your face the care it deserves and enjoy your fresh and radiant look with the pure-wave! 6 Unique massage Attachments. Along with a sleek ergonomic design, the biggest advantage of this model that will undoubtedly please afvallen any user is 6 detachable massage heads included in the set. Each massage attachment is used for its own purpose and offers different massage techniques to meet your specific needs. 6-head stick will ensure strong and powerful strokes, deeply penetrating the tissues and muscles. Perfect for sports massage. Air cushion stick is used for kneading and massaging sensitive joint areas such as knees, wrists or ankles. Point stick is perfect for a firm acupressure massage that can quickly and efficiently alleviate pain in the neck and shoulders areas. Scalp massage stick for a relaxing scalp massage will help improve blood circulation and get rid of annoying headaches.

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Pure-wave cm7 Cordless Massager Body, radiant skin Without Wrinkles, pure-wave cm7 offers you all the benefits of a deep penetrating percussion massage and even more. Though its a handheld model, youll be pleasantly surprised with its truly light weight.6 pounds, allowing its convenient use during extended massage sessions. The handheld design also allows focusing more on those areas that cost require longer massage. . Lightweight yet powerful, pure-wave massager boasts a high-speed motor, ensuring an intensive percussion therapy to release muscle tension, knots, spasms, aches and pains. You can use it in a standing or sitting position. Along with customized kneading of head, neck, shoulders, back, arms and legs, the Pure-wave massager can also be used as a face massager, due to the additional facial massage head included. Apply some nourishing cream or moisturizer to rejuvenate your skin with gentle vibrations and prevent wrinkles.

Personal body massager handheld
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