Sort by default Price: Low-High Price: High-Low Product: a-z product: z-a brand: a-z brand: z-a. Proctor Masts soon became the leading metal mast producers for all types of sailing craft. Proctor Masts eventually became part of the sélden group, and now trade as Sélden masts. HA345 sailing dinghy spare boat parts. Old Vintage sailing Yacht boat Winch Or Mast Winch Handle? Ian Proctor Metal Masts Limited. The lightweight Proctor mast uses a section especially developed for the rs400.

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proctor mast spares

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45B-2MG-3030 clamp" 45B-2MG-3030 1, clamp komatsu China "SN: 550001-UP". 45B-2MG-3040 clamp" 45B-2MG-3040 1, clamp komatsu China "SN: 550001-UP". Bolt", bolt komatsu "SN: 550001-UP" analogs " " "1240145H1" weight:.017. Washer, spring" washer, spring komatsu "SN: 550001-UP" analogs " " " weight:.004. 45B-2MG-3060sa plate" 45B-2MG-3060SA 1 - plate komatsu China "SN: 550001-UP". Bolt" bolt komatsu "SN: 550001-UP" analogs 801014067 " "801015086" weight:.013. Washer" washer komatsu "SN: 550001-UP" analogs " weight:.01.

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Items marked with an asterisk are a true fit, while other parts can be used on the following Snipe spars with little or no modifications. Proctor, boom fittings and parts. Proctor ) boom parts; Selden Misc, mast, fittings;. Products; Dinghy division; Technical information; Company information; Online services; News; Classes; team seldén; Results; Dinghy dealers; Dinghy products. Superior tuning and proven performance in a stunning package - that s what you get with a hall Spars carbon fiber mast. Spares ; Steering Systems; Engine control Cables accessories; we can Service or Repair your Outboard, here in Gateshead. Sported a spar manufactured by an English firm known.

proctor mast spares

Find great deals on ebay for proctor mast spares. I replaced the standing rigging 2 yrs ago (wires only) and would now like to replace the chain plates and tangs (?) and through bolts up the mast. Does anyone know if they are still available? Mast, boom and Spreader Parts? Aps has the selection, pricing, technical information and experienced sailing staff to satisfy your sailing gear needs. Ball bearings and structural parts are stainless steel with other parts made from composite. Mast sponsored Antoine cousot also calmly makes his way out.

Z spars uk makes alloy. Masts, booms, Spars, rigging and Fittings for vessels from small dayboats to 60 foot yacht. In 1996 Seldén Group bought. Proctor, masts in johnny the uk and established Seldén. Masts, ltd as the world leader in arden carbon and aluminium dinghy. Mast, snipe, mast boom, spare, parts The parts illustrated here are primarily used on the. Proctor miracle snipe spar.

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The photo below shows Roger taylor removing the mast on Mingming using a set of sheerlegs. The sheerlegs are actually his sweeps. Temporarily repairing a broken track, nathan Whitworth had a track that was broken at the top. As a temporary repair, he turned it around and secured it with two large jubilee clips as shown below. Contribute, do you have a story, information, brochure, manual, link or other relevant content that should be on this page?

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They should be monel, himalaya not aluminium, and all the mating surface should be coated with a barrier product such. Duralac (a barium chromate paste, also obtainable from. This will prevent corrosion in the future, and is necessary with any fittings or fixings in aluminium, especially if stainless or monel is involved. Pop rivets can also be used to secure the new spinnaker halyard box sheave, again using monel pop rivets and Duralac paste. If you have trouble sourcing replacement sheaves I would suggest a local engineering machine shop or a model engineering society. To ensure the correct grade of plastic it is probably easier to buy it yourself vesconite may be obtained from. Vesconite uk, tel UK. Acetal is more widely available, eg from Metals4U example 2011 price.50 per 250mm length of 32mm dia rod. Removing the mast on a coromandel.

proctor mast spares

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If you examine it closely you should see that one end of apotheek the pin is slightly smaller than the other this smaller end is the one you need to tap (with a drift or punch) to remove it, and the sheave will then drop out. The two photos below show the dismantled components after cleaning up, and with the original aluminium and replacement Vesconite sheaves. In the top photo you can see the type of roll pin used to locate the sheave: Cleaning was done by dipping in a hot caustic soda solution this needs care as it very corrosive. Wear gloves and goggles, beware of the fumes, add the crystals to the water not vice versa, rinse everything in clean water and dispose of the used solution sensibly. You will be left with a chemically clean surface, so when dry give it a coat of etch primer (zinc chromate aerosol primer, available from followed by a coat of alloy wheel paint from a car accessory shop. Reassembly is a simple matter of positioning the new sheave and inserting the roll pin, tapping it home. If the pin seems likely to fall out it is possible to open it up slightly with a hammer and punch. Alternatively you could use a centre punch to slightly deform the edges of the holes in the casting to ensure the pin doesnt slide out. When fixing the fittings back on the mast use the correct size of rivets.

The consequences of a stuck mainsail halyard really dont bear thinking about! The box sheave for the spinnaker halyard is easy to remove two self tapping screws are used to attach it to the mast. The nearest replacement I have found is made. Ronstan, product number RF41712, which has a nylatron sheave mounted in 316 stainless cheeks, and will obviously not suffer the corrosion problems of the original: image ronstan Marine division, the two sheaves mounted in the crane and foot castings laadt are a little more difficult to source the. I have so far failed to find an exact replacement, so i used a lathe to make new ones. I used Vesconite, but acetal is equally good (both types of plastic which do not swell in the presence of water). The fittings have to be removed from the mast by drilling out the pop rivets some gentle tapping with a hammer and a block of wood might be needed. The sheaves are held with a form of roll pin.

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Product search: Online Store, local weather, home, seldén Spars (Proctor mast Sections. Filter by Brand: All Brands). In our schoonmaak product presentations we often refer to the righting moment (RM) of the boat, this is crucial to dimension our products correctly. Use our righting moment calculator to find the rm of your boat and all our dimensioning tables will make a lot more sense. Many boats were supplied with masts from Proctor. Unfortunately, spare parts appear to be no longer available. Sailspar are reported to be able to make up spare parts such as spreader tubes. Halyard sheaves, there are 3 fixed sheaves on the corribee mast one is a box sheave for the spinnaker halyard, one fixed in the crane fitting at the top of the mast for the mainsail halyard, and one fitted in the foot casting where the. All three are aluminium and prone to corrosion so they therefore need to be checked every so often.

Proctor mast spares
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