My funny valentine to tell me everything I need to know when it comes to all things sun protection and isnt listed as being broad spectrum, which is a bit of a kicker considering the australian market is home to some of the highest rates. But, that limitation aside, i was pleasantly surprised by the fact that my skin didnt overly flip out after using this moisturiser for more than a few days at a time. Historically ive had awful, awful luck with moisturiser and sunscreen combos, with reactions varying from mild congestion outbreaks to inflamed skin that necessitated trips to the doctor and dermatologist. . never let it be said that I dont put my face on the line when it comes to trying out new products! After some experimenting I found that a two days on/one day off routine was enough to use this moisturiser without my skin reacting to the sunscreen but, as I said, my skin is horrifically reactive to a wide variety of sunscreens, and my experiences are generally. I took this cream with me to sunny queensland and spent several days sunning myself on the beach and managed to avoid any sunburns, and I had no new freckles as a souvenir of my holiday.

nivea anti aging sunscreen working in air conditioning that only has two settings: Arctic cold and sweltering tropics. Major reduction in lines and wrinkles wasnt something I could tell you about, primarily because i have expressly forbidden my face to develop even the slightest crease through a rigorous combination of anal-retentive skincare management, good genes, and avoiding the daylight like im a vampire. Speaking of my latent vampirism, i was super curious as to how my skin would respond to the sunscreen in this nivea cream. As far as I can tell its a uva chemical sunblock im no expert when it comes to sunscreen, and I generally defer.

A little background: my skin is on the dry side of normal/dry, with a tendency to dehydrate easily and be reactive to sunscreens in both chemical- and barrier-based formulas. The major skin concern I have is with freckling and uneven skin tone, and maintaining a healthy glow despite being fair and cool-toned and prone to looking slightly ashen. All of this is terrible attractive, i know. Nivea q10 Anti-wrinkle day cream with spf 30 is a daily moisturiser with a mild powdery scent and a resilient, slightly dense feel. . It boasts coenzyme Q10 (an antioxidant with some studied benefits to slow minor skin damage and bolster collagen and elastin in post-adolescent skin) and creatine (an ingredient with studied results that encourages skin tightening when applied topically at low doses under.05 per weight held in a cream that. The cream itself has a nice slip, applying smoothly to damp skin and blending in without leaving a white cast or glossy finish. It has a dry, slightly powdery feel after application, ideal for combination to normal skin types who are on the quest for a matte finish on their skin. For me, however, it just felt way too tight after five or so hours, even when layered over moisture serums and sealed in with a hydrating face primer. While my skin wasnt dehydrated at the end of the day, it still felt like my skin was getting nowhere near enough moisture and was telling me so in no uncertain terms. Im not a huge fan of dry-finish moisturisers because of this, and its something.

nivea anti aging sunscreen

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This post is sponsored by nivea and beauty directory. Nivea advies q10 Anti-wrinkle day cream with spf. Confession: I dont think ive ever used a face moisturiser that you can buy at the supermarket. . Face wipes, sure (Im all about. Nivea fragrance-free facial wipes as part of a low effort double cleanse and ive got a bathroom full of body-related impulse purchases straight from Coles beauty aisles, but skincare and supermarkets have never been my to-go combo. I honestly couldnt tell you why, apart from the fact that Im a bit of a skincare snob with dry, reactive skin that needs a fair bit of babying to stay in tip-top condition. All of this is, of course, a long and roundabout way of telling you that ive finally tried a tub of moisturiser that.) will get you change from a twenty dollar note, and b) you can pick it up while youre at woolies buying. Ive been trying nivea q10 Anti-wrinkle day cream with spf 30 for a month now, in all sorts of situations from sunny days in queensland to blasting icy mornings in Melbourne, and Im here to dish the skinny on this budget-friendly face cream.

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The proud Mr Fröhlich soon warmed to the idea that his daughters should become the nivea girls, and so they became the stars of the new nivea advertisements. And just like the nivea boys before them, it was not long before the Fröhlich sisters were also greeted with a cheerful Hello nivea! From Hamburg to the world, as early as 1914, nivea creme is available on every continent. It is no longer produced only in Hamburg but also in buenos Aires, copenhagen, mexico, moscow, new York, paris and Sydney. Nivea makes it their mission to develop products that are tailored to the skin care needs of people in different countries long before it becomes the norm. This is a 1970 nivea advertising poster for Arabic countries. Most people in the countries where nivea products are sold believe nivea to be a local brand, which is probably the best compliment that your fans can give you. This is a 1970 nivea advertising poster from Morocco. Vintage advertisements up to 1949: The early days of the Creme.

nivea anti aging sunscreen

Nivea recognises the need for caring for male facial skin before and after shaving, and their shaving soap becomes the first product specifically developed for men. Sport and leisure activities become more and more popular in society. The traditional, aristocratic pallid complexion is replaced by a desire for vitality and a light tan. Quite by chance, juan Gregorio clausen, head of Advertising at beiersdorf, discovers three cheerful, cheeky, fresh-faced young brothers, and in 1924 the nivea boys become the new stars of nivea advertising. At the same time, a new design concept makes its début: nivea appears on the famous blue tin, which remains iconic of the nivea brand today.

1925, the nivea girls, although nowadays reality television shows like britains Got Talent, The x factor or Britain's Next Top Model are commonplace, this kind of talent competition was something completely unknown to the people of 1925. So when nivea placed an advertisement in a berlin newspaper and announced a nationwide search for three nivea girls, it caused quite a stir with the public. Even more so because nivea was not looking for glamorous models but the girl next door: we are not looking for ravishing beauties, glamour girls dressed for a ball or fashionably groomed ladies but marvellous young girls who look healthy and natural and fresh. A young mother from Flensburg in northern Germany, mrs Fröhlich, saw the advertisement and thought that her three daughters Margot, Elfriede and Hertha fitted the description perfectly. When their father found out about the plan, he made it clear that he did not want to see his daughters as poster girls and so their mother went ahead and entered them without telling him. The girls were lucky that she did so, because in the end the Fröhlich sisters beat more than 1,000 other girls who had also participated in the competition. It even turned out that the family hadn't yet heard of nivea because they had only recently moved to germany from Samoa, where nivea products were not available.

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Over the years, our commitment has led to many advances in skin care that are now taken for granted. Skin care gets a name. Oscar Troplowitz, co-founder of the company, patent certificate for Eucerin. Dr Isaac Lifschütz's patent certificate for Eucerin. Paul Gerson Unna, dermatologist and beiersdorf consultant, paul. Founder of the company in about 1885.

Research laboratory staff in 1914, beiersdorf research laboratory in, ocean liners and the first seaplanes connect countries and continents, making long-distance travel easier and enabling expansion into international markets. The newly founded beiersdorf seizes this opportunity: just three years after its launch, nivea creme is available on every continent. By now, 42 percent of its sales is already generated abroad. Nivea cremes stable formula allows it to withstand long journeys in different climate zones. Today nivea is available all over the world, in over 200 countries. The first boy band? It's not just fashion-conscious women in their 20s and 30s who characterise the era the man of the world wears a moustache.

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Once the emulsion was finished, it had a snow white colour. The name nivea comes from the latin words nix, nivis and means snow. When translated, nivea literally means snow white. Nivea gains worldwide popularity 1911, the chemist Dr Isaac Lifschütz invents the emulsifier Eucerit, which has the ability to produce a stable water and oil mixture. Pharmacist and entrepreneur Dr Oscar Troplowitz recognises its potential and together with dermatologist Prof. Paul Gerson Unna develops the mother of all creams nivea. Following in the wake of its success, the range expands soon there is talc, soap and hair milk. In keeping with the spirit of the three researchers, more than 500 employees work estee in research and development with us today.

nivea anti aging sunscreen

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Nivea creme tin 1970, nivea creme tin 1988 with the addition of no preservatives". Nivea creme tin 1993, nivea creme tin 2007 with slightly adjusted colour and embossed logo. It all started with nix, before nivea creme's success story could begin, something entirely different had to be invented eucerit. Eucerit acts as an emulsifier and combines oil and water into an extremely fine, stable mixture. Fortunately, dr Isaac Lifschütz had developed this completely new emulsifier by 1911. Dermatologist Professor paul Gerson Unna admired Dr Lifschützs specialist knowledge in this area and presented it to Dr Oscar Troplowitz, chemist and co-founder of beiersdorf. The latter immediately realised that the water-in-oil emulsion would form the perfect base for a cosmetic skin cream. All they now needed was a name. And to find one, dr Troplowitz needed to look no further than the cream itself.

We work with over 50 institutions around the world to ensure that our products are suitable for your skin. At our headquarters in Hamburg we have even set up our own laboratory for Asia and Latin America, where we conduct research specifically aimed at skin types and climate conditions found in these regions. We do this so that one day everybody in the world can place their trust in nivea frans products. 100 years of memories in one tin. The first nivea creme tin 1911. Nivea creme tin 1922, the first blue nivea creme tin hits the shelves in 1925. Nivea creme tin 1928, from 1935, the nivea tin is given new typography, with sharp corners. Nivea creme tin 1949, the Creme lettering appears on the nivea tin for the first time in 1959.

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First Name: last Name: e-mail Address. Password: subscribeUnsubscribe * Required fields. 100 years of nivea today, different skin types. Over 100 years ago, we invented modern skin care with nivea creme. Today, millions of people all over the world, all with different types of skin, rely on the nivea brand. That is why our researchers work extensively with different skin types and the different care requirements brought about by culture, gender and age. Thanks to this approach, we have developed numerous innovative skin care products over the past few decades from deodorants to sunscreen products.

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